Insurance Wants 700 Removed. 44" Band and 54" at Nips Without a Bra?

My insurance co. wants 700 removed from each breast. My PS thinks that might be too much. Says if I lose weight which many do after plastic surgery I might end up with a little flop of a boob. I am 5'3" 250lb. Took over a year to get approval from ins. co. My breasts measure 44" band and 54" at the nips. Not sure what my true size is. Spilling out top of my 44DDD. I suffer from boils under my breast which ooze blood and puss. Also are small implants a possibility after reduction??? TT 2013

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Breast reduction weight requirements

It sounds like you are a good candidate for a breast reduction and the amount of breast tissue removed at the time of the surgery is completely up to the plastic surgeon and not up to the insurance company.   It is ridiculous requirement that a set amount of breast tissue be removed irregardless of safety factors involved in the procedure.   If your surgeon follows the demands of the insurance company and you have wound healing problems because of an over resection who is going to take responsibility, not the insurance company.  The operation itself is a good one and breast reduction patients are generally very happy with the procedure.   As a plastic surgeon I try give an honest estimate of the amount of breast tissue to be removed but I will always work for the patient and not any third party payor.   

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Weight requirements for breast reduction

700 grams is a very reasonable amount for you at 5'3 and 250 lbs with a chest of 44.  This will probably correspond to 2 bra sizes.  You should go from a 44 DDD to a 44 D.  Certainly, if you have infections under your arms, you are in need of a breast reduction.  I would recommend a technique called The Ultimate Breast Reduction which is a new technique that transfers the breast weight to the underlying muscle.  This creates upper pole fullness and avoids the vertical scar of the Wise pattern which was developed in 1956.  Even if you lose weight in the future this should not be significant.

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Breast Reduction Concerns?

Thank you for the question.

Without direct examination it is not possible to give you precise advice regarding the approximate amount of tissue that would be removed during breast reduction surgery. It would therefore behoove you to seek additional consultations by well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons in your area.

Based on your description, however it sounds like you are an excellent candidate for the breast reduction procedure at some point. This operation will be  best performed once you have reached a lower, long-term stable weight. The risk of complications are decreased and the potential need for some further surgery reduced when patients have reached this long-term stable weight.

 If I were seeing you in consultation, I would suggest continued efforts at weight loss prior to undergoing the breast reduction procedure. Consultation with weight loss specialists,  personal trainers, and/or nutritionists may be helpful to you.

 In regards to breast implants after breast reduction surgery;   the short answer is yes this is a possible option.

I hope this helps.

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