Will Inspira Implants Still Feel Natural?

I live in the toronto area and my PS is giving me inspira breast implants that have only been in a trial period for the last 6 months. He says there the best but they feel quite hard compared to the other gels he showed me. They're round and textured. Will they feel hard and fake inside and if so why would women pay more for them?

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Inspira breast implants

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The Inspira implants are a good breast augmentation choice for someone who wants highly cohesive gel implants and prefers a round shape to the tapered shape of the 410 implant. Inspira implants are a little less cohesive than the 410 and should feel as good as that implant. I have used several Inspira implants and hundreds of 410 implants and my patients have generally been satisfied with how natural or soft they feel.


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Inspira implants

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Inspira implants provide a little more lift and projection. this may be suitable for women with mild to moderate sagging to make mastopexy unnecessary. Your breasts will still maintain their natural feel and appearance when the surgery is performed correctly.

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