What's Inside Mesotherapy Injection?

what's inside mesotherapy injection?

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Mesotherapy, mesotherapy injection

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Mesotherapy refers to the technique of injecting into the mesoderm or middle layer of the skin. Many things are injected and these are based on what the condition. For fat, phosphotidylcholine and/ot sodium deoxycholate are the preferred materials for most doctors who seek to remove fat.

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What's in a mesotherapy injection

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Well, there's no true answer to this and mesotherapy is often referred to as a "cocktail" because so many people use so many different types of injectables. However, In my opinion and experience, the most effective mesotherapy injection is phosphatidile choline 10% (PTC) with lidocaine and/or deoxycholate with lidocaine. The lidocaine will numb the area being injected and the PTC or deoxycholate are the only two compounds proven to actually break down adipose tissue (fat). Caffeine, green tea, and many other ingredients are often added in but they have no scientific backing or proven effectiveness.

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