Inquiring About Cupid's Bow AND Strong Vermillion Border?

I'm going to get a cupid's bow with a strong vermillion border, and lip implants (I'm not inquiring about the implants) I would like to know what comes first? What order would this be in? What is the wait between each procedure? And plastic surgeon recommendations would be awesome, my current plastic surgeons do not specialize in lip augmentation. Willing to travel. Thank you

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Lip enhancement

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1. A cupid's bow is usually created with a lip lift, shortening the white part of the mid-upper lip.
2. A strong vermilion border is usually created with filler injection along the white roll.
3. Red lip fullness is created with a lip implant, filler or V-Y advancement.
4. All can be done at the same time.
5. If they are divided, I would put in filler or lip implant last - after a V-Y and lip lift, you may not need them.

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