Can I Get an Innie Belly Button After Surgery? (photo)

I have been with this belly button all my life and would like to change it . Please advise if I will get the results as in the second innie belly button picture .

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Belly buttons can be modified

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more to your liking.  But you must also address what is causing your belly button concerns.  Yours looks as if you could have a hernia lurking beneath it and repair of the hernia should elminate the 'outie' look.  If you're a candidate for a tummy tuck of some kind, you may want to consider intervening then with a umbilical float, a concomittant hernia repair, or even a complete removal of the belly button with a reconstruction of a dimple at a later date.

Talk to your plastic surgeon about what could work best for you.  But you can certainly have your 'innie' that you desire.

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"innie" belly button can be accomplished via an umbilicoplasty or by a tummy tuck

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There are solutions to help you accomplish an "innie" belly button.  If that is all that you want to accomplish that can be done by itself and if you are in need of a tummy tuck that can be accomplished all at the same time.  A belly button contouring procedure alone is called an umbilicoplasty.  It can be done under local anesthesia provided you do not have a belly button hernia.

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