Is it Possible to do an Inner Zipper with Tummy Tuck?

is it possible to do an internal "zipper" stiching with a tummy tuck? so that the pt doesnt have that feeling of the incision ripping open, less burning, pulling, stinging and the pt is able to walk half right up with this type of stiching inside. so is it possible for a PS to stich the inside like this in a tummy tuck surgery? thanks for your answers

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Inner Zipper for tummy tuck

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Thank you for your question. I think what you may be referring to are internal progressive tension sutures so the pull isn't all in one place.  I am familiar with this technique and perform it when needed on certain patients. 

No matter how the tummy tuck is done; however, some discomfort is expected which can readily be managed with pain medication or pain pump catheters. Also, the tummy tuck should be snug but not too tight.  Too tight can put you at risk for wound separation and tissue death.

If you are very concerned, ask your plastic surgeon to go easy and not tighten you too much. It can make the recovery faster but after the swelling goes away, you may be disappointed that he/she didn't pull you tighter.  You don't want to have to go back for a revision. It may not be free.

I hope this helps. Good Luck.

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Zipper stitching

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Abdominoplasties in women with loose abdominal wall musculature almost always involve tightening of the abdominal musculature with sutures.  I think the zipper name is just someone's marketing gimmick name for tightening the muscles.  From a pain and recovery standpoint, it should be no different than any other muscle tightening suture technique.

Zipper stitch abdominoplasty

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Every tummy tuck I perform involves some degree of tightening of the abdominal muscle layer.  Actually it involves tightening a tough layer over the muscles. This may be performed a number of different ways but I don't think any way will feel different to the patient.  Either way the muscle is tightened and will feel tight.

Bending over after is something most patients do because the skin is tight as well. This really doesn't last that long.  One year after the procedure when you are showing off your new tummy you won't be thinking about a coupe of days of discomfort.

Thank you for your question and best of luck.

Ralph R. Garramone, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Nearly all tummy tucks involve suturing the muscle separation back together in a zipper type fashion.  This does tend to involve some soreness and pulling sensation, however.

With regards to walking upright, you will find that if the skin has been significantly tightened as it usually is during an abdominoplasty you will find it necessary to bend forward for at least a few days.  That's just part of the price you pay to get the results...

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