Inner groin incision is dehisced 9 days post-op, bilateral medial thigh skin/tissue debulking surgery. Should I worry? (Photo)

I have been experiencing a burning and pulling sensation randomly but havent thoght much of it until I noticed that one of my groin incisions has clearly dehisced and appears to be slightly healed. I am not experiencing any extra pain or discharge. I am curious as to what my PS will do to fix this when I see him in 3 days and/or is this something I should be more worried about and try to contact him ASAP?

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Wound Separation Following Thigh Lift Surgery

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Your pictures demonstrate wound separation along your transverse groin incision. Unfortunately, wound separations aren't unusual following thigh lift surgery for a variety of reasons.

When patients undergo thigh lift surgery, the wounds are often closed under significant tension. In addition, the groin is an area that's often colonized by bacteria which can lead to infection. Both of these factors can contribute to areas of wound breakdown.

Wound separation following this type of procedure usually heals nicely with local wound care and dressing changes. It's not unusual for minor bleeding to occur with dressing changes as debris is removed from the wound surface. In most cases, healing is complete in 4 to 6 weeks, but this may vary from patient to patient. In a small number of cases, secondary scar revision may be necessary at a later date.

Even when thigh lift patients have wound separation, the clinical results following this procedure are excellent. After wound healing is complete, levels of patient satisfaction are high, as well.

Separated incision after major thigh lift

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  • The usual cause of dehiscence (wound separation) is underlying infection
  • Another cause is tension (tightness) that pulls the healing incision apart before it is strong enough to resist.
  • Call your surgeon to let her/him know what has happened.
  • Also get instructions as to how s/he wants you to care for the incision./
  • Until then, slightly moist gauze over the wound changed 2 - 4 x a day is the best dressing.
  • Best wishes.

Delayed healing not uncommon in this area

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Your photo and description of symptoms is consistent with delayed healing of your incision which is not unusual in this difficult area. Infection is the major concern at this time and close follow up with your plastic surgeon is important as well as good hygiene (treating the open wound with thorough cleaning several times daily with antibacterial soap and water). Most likely your plastic surgeon will closely monitor the gradual healing of your incision until you are fully healed, then wait for a while to consider scar revision if indicated.

David J. Levens, MD
Coral Springs Plastic Surgeon
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