Lymphadema After Chin Lipo & Buccal Fat? Will vShape help? (photo)

5 years after SmartLipo & lymphadema lumpy look still persists under my chin w/STILL a double-chin look, w/buccal fat that runs & blends into it making face still look oblong. Considering vShape RFID by Alma Lasers for lower face slimming. I have a sharper jawline after several sessions of Neurocranial Restructuring (NCR), I want to make my face more V-Shape & accentuate the Ogee Curve. Will vShape accomplish this? And what can be done about this never ending lymphadema under the chin?

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Unhappy after laser lipo of chin

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Your photo does not suggest that you have lymphedema.
It suggests scar contracture and excess central fat removal from liposuction.
The treatment you have had appears to have softened the scar.
The results of RFD are hard to predict.
To achieve your photoshopped goal, you would also need to lose weight..

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