Is it safe to have 3 BAs?

i have had 2 BA. I want to have a 3rd to increase as size as i did for the second. i was smaller without much tissue so i had to let my skin stretch. Are there any downsides to this or is it safe? Also i currently have 485 UHP silicone. So i would think 600cc would be where i want to be. Thoughts on this? My last surgery was 6 months ago and the one before that was a year before.

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Is it safe to have 3 breast operations?

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Assuming you are a good candidate for breast surgery in general (from the overall health standpoint and the anatomical "limitation"  standpoint), then additional revisionary breast surgery will likely be safe.  Of course, patients should always understand that every additional operation does carry some risk.  Weigh the pros/cons associated with additional surgery as you make your decisions. Best wishes.

Is a third BA safe?

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By safe, I assume you mean both for you as a person and for your breasts. If your candidacy for your first two operations has not changed from a health point of view, then having another breast augmentation should not be any more risky than the first two. With larger and larger implants, there is more tension and stretch on the tissues making them less able to hold the implants up and allowing them to drift downward. At some point, there will not be another larger size to fill the space. At that time, you may need or desire to then downsize the implant and take out some of the extra stretched out skin with a mastopexy. Hope this helps.

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