When can I wear a regular bra?

Hi everyone! I am 5 days post breast augmentation and just wondering when is it ok for me to ditch the surgical bra for at least a sports bra :)

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Listen to Your Surgeon

Plastic surgeons all have specific postoperative instructions that are meant to enhance the healing process, limit the risk of complications, and ensure the best results possible. It's great that you're already feeling like you are ready to transition to a sports bra 5 days after breast augmentation, but I encourage you to ask your surgeon about this issue. At my practice, when I do provide support bras after surgery, I recommend that patients wear them for about a month.

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Bras after Breast Augmentation

This would be best answered by your own surgeon.

Will depend on the type of breast augmentation, size, and simultaneous procedures.

Generally speaking, you need to wear a bra that provided optimal support and is comfortable for you.  Sports bras which fit you well would be my recommendation.

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Payam Jarrah-Nejad, MD, FACS
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When can I wear a regular bra? = ask your plastic surgeon #breastaugmentation #breastimplants #surgicalbra

Breast augmentation patients who wonder when is it ok to use bra different to the recommended surgical bra during the early healing process should ask their plastic surgeon about the specific recommendations. Wearing a different bra to the recommended one by the plastic surgeon can jeopardize the healing process and affect the outcome. 

John Mesa, MD
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Bra use after augmentation

Bra use after surgery should be recommended by your surgeon.  In my practice, I used them when I have to, depending on the results I see and the outcome we are trying to achieve.  Support them if you think they are perfect to minimize further settling.  Minimal use if you're too full on top so gravity will help them settle.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Bras after Breast Augmentation

You should be able to wear any bra that is comfortable. Despite all the repetitive 'each surgeon has his own special...', the fact of the matter is it doesn't matter, except that you gently support your breasts, especially in the inframammary folds. If it doesn't hurt, you can wear it.
Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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When can I wear a regular bra?

Each plastic surgeon will have their own postop protocols with regard to bra use after breast augmentation. Some prefer special surgical bras. While others recommend regular sports bras. What we recommend may not be compatible with the recommendations of your plastic surgeon. Does it really matter what type of bra you wear after surgery? Not really. But, I would get the OK from your surgeon, before transitioning from a surgical bra to sports bras. Thanks for sharing your question. Best wishes.

Dr. Gregory Park

Gregory Park, MD
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When can I wear a regular bra?

I allow my patients to get into a sports bra as soon as they would like to. There is nothing magical about a surgical bra that a sports bra will not do. Just no underwire. Mainly you just need support which helps more than anything with pain early on then support. 



Richard J. Brown, MD
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When can you switch to a sports bra?

This sort of question needs to be directed to your plastic surgeon.  We all have different recommendations that work for us regarding post-operative care.  His/her nurses should be available to answer questions like this for you.  Best of luck!

Brian K. Reedy, MD
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Bra Use Post Op

Hello and thank you for reaching out. Every plastic surgeon will have a different set of post op instructions that the patient should follow, and should include bra wear and for how long. Consult with your surgeon to determine when to switch from surgical bra to sports bra, or if they suggest something else. Best Wishes. 

Wearing a normal bra after breast augmentation

Congratulations on undergoing your breast augmentation! Every surgeon has his or her own guidelines for when you can switch to a normal bra or sports bra after breast augmentation surgery. This should have been reviewed with you during your pre-op and post-op appointments. I would recommend calling the surgeon's office and asking when your surgeon allows you to switch over to a sports bra or regular bra. 

Jimmy S. Firouz, MD, FACS
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