Can Too Many Injections Cause Sculpture to Overstimulate?

i was advised by a doctor to have 3 treatments of sculpture to extentuate my high cheeckbones fill my laugh & marionette lines crowsfeet i naturally HAD a slim face high cheeckbones & defined contoured features she injected my cheeks chin lip,side of nose all round my face my temple & corner of eyes i now have piglet cheeks scar indented chin & lower lip 1 nostril smaller & nose passage narrowed sagging face skin & double chin & hideous facial hair mostly on & under chin will any of it improve?

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Too much sculptra?

It is unlikely that 3 injections would be too much or considered overstimulated. It is more likely to be some swelling in the early period. Generally sculptra cannot be removed although the fibrotic response could be softened with steroid use, it is probably wisest to let it resolve on its own without intervention which could cause a worse problem.

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Sculptra for facial filling

It is possible to overcorrect hollowing with Sculptra.  You don't indicate how long ago your treatment was done, but it takes about 6 weeks to see the results of a Sculptra treatment.  You'll need to follow up with the physician who did the treatment for his/her assessment and recommendations at this point.  And, by the way, I doubt that Sculptra has anything to do with any hair growth you are seeing.

Before and after photos would be very helpful, if you'd like more detailed feedback.

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