Injections to Fix Minor Flaw from Nose Job?

Is there a way that a surgeon/doctor could inject some type of filler into my uneven nostril to match the other one? I got a nose job 8 months ago and I like my left nostril but not my right nostril. My right nostril has a small indent in it which makes a huge difference in the appearance of my nose. It's crazy how one flaw can make your entire feature (nose) look terrible. I am so self-conscious that I barely leave my home. I have no life anymore and hide out in my room 24/7.

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Injections to Fix Minor Nasal Flaw

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I'm sorry that a "minor" flaw is causing so much distress. Fillers can be used but I would not suggest this for you without seeing pictures or doing an examination. I stronly recommend that you consider counseling if this relatively minor problem is interfering with your normal life.

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Injection of fillers following rhinoplasty

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Injections of fillers into the nose to correct mild asymmetries following rhinoplasty is effective but you must also remember that they can be costly and they are only a temporary fix. It is difficult to assess your problem without a photograph but you should definitely talk to your surgeon and/or a rhinoplasty specialist in order to help you cope with your anxiety and to help guide you through your recovery process.


Fillers for minor flaws of nose

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Yes, injectable fillers are relatively easy ways to fix minor irregularities of the nose. If you are really serious about being so pre-occupied and depressed about such a small flaw, than you need to see a therapist as well. Someone who can help you with your anxiety.

Injections post Rhinoplasty

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Well your comments are very disconcerting and upsetting I am so sorry you are experiencing such Self consciousness. The answer to your question is hard to state without a photograph to see your concerns. With this said Juvederm and Restylane are both great fillers that may be used to finely sculpt any small defects you may see. I would suggest seeing a good rhinoplasty surgeon who is experienced as well in injections for a consultation and hopefully a proper plan may be put in place. A room is not a good place for anyone 24/7 so see a surgeon and discuss at length your unhappiness and hopefully a proper treatment will be set for a quick recovery and soon some fresh air!!

Michael Elam, MD
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