I Have Injections All the Time and Still Have Some Nasolabial Fold and Shadows?

They put a lot of injection in the area and it looks really good for about a month than slowly gets bad again. I thought injections last 6-9 months. I had a lot of injections to keep up and I still see nasolabial folds. The last injections i had were about 3 months ago. I get called Miss for a while then I start to hear the dreadful "ma'am" again more. I can see I still have a lot of filler but the nasolabial folds are showing again, the right side always seems to be the worse.

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My Injections Are Not Lasting!

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Hi peg.  You are right that your injections should last between 6 months and 1 year.  If the product is going away much more quickly than that, then either the product is not good or the injector is not good.  It could also be that you are not getting enough product.

In any event it may be time for a switch.  We are also in Los Angeles and you can click on the link below to request a free consultation.  

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