Is It Possible to Have a Fat Transfer to the Buttocks After Implants Are Put In?

i had a fat transfer to my butt last year. but im a normal skinny person so they could not get to much fat. last month i was getting butt implants oval 400cc under the muscle. but i still found my butt too small. is it impossible to get more fat injections (i have a little bit more fat at the moment because my weight change) or do i have to remove the implants before getting injections because he needle can hurt the implant?

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Brazilian Butt lift after butt augmentation with implants

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Yes, it is possible to perform a Brazilian Butt lift after having received a butt augmentation with solid silicone implants. We have many patients in our practice who have benefited from this combination.

Gluteal augmentation with solid silicone butt implants is an excellent way to contour the butt and increase its volume. This procedure is performed through a small incision between the two buttocks. A Brazilian Butt lift is a popular way to contour the abdomen and butt by combining thorough liposuction to the abdomen waist hips flanks and posterior thighs with fat grafting to the area.
In our practice, the majority of patients seeking gluteal augmentation receive a Brazilian Butt lift. However, certain patients may not have enough fat or tissue to reach their aesthetic goal. These patients are well served with clue augmentation using a silicone implant. We have also had patients that have received over these procedures. Although this is a small minority of the patients, this combination is ideal in a select patient body type. Your best bet is to work closely with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is a great deal of experience in fat grafting, liposuction, including augmentation. They will be able to assess your body type, understand your goals and present the options that are best for you.

Brazilian Butt enhancement

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You still can have fat transfer to the buttocks. Sice the implant is under the muscle there should be no difficulty.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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