I had injection soft lift perlane and see no change. I'd like to know what you think? (photo)

I saw a doctor. told me about it for the soft lift off my dark circles under my eyes and my cheeks it up my inject seringe ½ ch side below the eyes after two days I was satisfied after 2 weeks nothing parrait she had m ca guarantee that lasted a year is this normal that everything has disappeared quen you think looking at the pictures was the first before the second picture was after two days and the third is two weeks after that doije doije to tell him what I Free reinjected or which reimburses me

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Perlane results

I actually see a large change in these photos. What I think happened is that with only 1 syringe there simply wasn't enough product for full correction. What you had initially was some swelling, which made it look extra filled. When that went away, and just the product was left, you needed more volume in that area to get back to full correction. While I see a vast improvement, I simply think you need a second syringe of filler to get to the full correction you desire. 

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I had injection soft lift perlane and see no change. I'd like to know what you think? (photo)

Gee I see a change in the posted photos??? Maybe you needed more filler injected?? Or other options as in surgery..

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