Injection Rhinoplasty in Nose Tip. Any Complications?

I have been thinking about having a revision rhinoplasty ever since my primary, 12 years ago. My nose is far from terrible, and I wouldn't want a full revision, but the tip looks a little pinched and I would like to 'round it off' a little, and make it look less operated on. I have read about some horrific complications of injecting filler in the nose, especially the tip, and I was wondering if anyone has any significant experience of doing this? Thank you!

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Filler after rhinoplasty

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Dear NoseJobNeeded,

-A filler can be great after a rhinoplasty if there are minor changes to be done

-In the properly selected patient, complications are extremely rare.  Patients can get compromise of blood flow to the nose with injection into the smile lines, and probably an artery that feeds the nose

-a good consultation with an experienced injector would help answer your questions and alleviate your fears.

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Bad Rhinoplasty Experience

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That's too bad that you had a bad experience. Without seeing your pics, the best solution I can suggest is putting some fascia over the cartilages. However, this would require surgery. Don't do any more injections, especially if you have thin skin.

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