Injection Using Perlane to the Chin

How much in millimeters(mm) would injection using only one syringe of Perlane adds to the Chin? If I add about 1 mm thickness and 1 mm length to the chin, would this be less than one syringe use? How long will it lasts? If I like the result after 3 months may I with using Radiesse? Also, how much does it cost in your office? Thx

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Here is a link to the average cost of Perlane reported by our community members.

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Using Perlane in the Chin

It depends on the area you're filling in quite frankly and the experience of your injector. Also, it won't be injected so smoothly that it will be able to be measured in mm increments over an entire chin area because it is injected into areas, pockets, and lines. Different amounts will be used in different areas to create a fluid look, but the entire area won't be injected so you won't get a mm incremental change overall. Restylane typically lasts 6-12 months depending on the area you are injecting. In the chin area I would say about 9 months would be average. Price depends upon where you have this done and by whom. The average cost for Perlane is between $600-900 per syringe across the country. Radiesse isn't recommended for shallower areas because it can be whitish in appearance and it's a bit harder in texture. So again, its use will depend on what you're trying to do to your chin. If you're actually trying to make your entire chin larger, which is what I believe you are doing, you may need more of a chin implant than fillers.

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Perlane in the chin

It is very difficult to answer your specific questions without seeing you in person to evaluate your need and discuss your expectations and wishes for your chin augmentation with a dermal filler. Meeting with an experienced and well-trained injector should answer all of your questions.

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Chin augmentation with Perlane or Radiesse - Los Angeles

I prefer Radiesse facial fillers to Perlane for chin augmentation without surgery. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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