Is Injection Lipolysis Safe & Effective for Slimming?

hi, i have interest to do the injection lipolysis to my thighs. is it safe ? what are the potential side effects ? i saw from the research shows that it is banned from FDA. how many CM it can reduce by this treatment ? and how many injection are needed ?

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When searching for the best treatments for lipolysis, assuming you are not a candidate or interested in liposuction, look for treatments that are approved by the FDA.  Using devices and treatments that are not approved or by physicians who are not trained is risky and it's your body.  Scars, infections and lack of results can be just a few of the issues with lipodissolve.  

Other options that are non-surgical which cause lipolysis are: 

Ultrasound, radio frequency, cavitation, lymphatic drainage

When you search for a device and treatment you want for your aesthetic goals make certain it is approved by FDA, has a trained physician behind the treatments (if it is delegated) and make sure the clinic performs a full consultation to ensure you are a good candidate for the procedure.

good luck with your aesthetic goals, enjoy the research and find safe options


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