Can Injecting Filler into the Nose Change Lower the Tip?

8 months ago i had my primary rhinoplasty, it looks/feels as-though he took too much of the upper lateral nasal cartilage out from the right size of my nose, it not only gives my nose the unwanted curve due to the dent, but also pulls the tip up more that particular side, can injecting filler into this part weigh my tip down? if it doesn't work, can revision surgery still be performed?

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Rhinoplasty post-op

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Dear SuzieQ11,

  • Injecting filler into the depression will make the nose look more straight and symmetric
  • As far as weighing the tip down, it probably will not
  • If you are really unhappy with the nose, a revision can still be performed after injections
  • Just start with something temporary like Restylane so it can be dissolved if you want surgery afterwards

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