Injected Fat Causing Eye Wrinkling?

In 2005 I had both upper eyelid injected with fat (from the abdomen fat), and they looked puffy afterwards, specially the right eye. Last year I gained weight and noticed that my upper eyelid is getting bigger! so 16 days ago I made fat removal surgery (little amount was removed) from the upper right eyelid, I notice now that as the swelling goes away the skin is sinking in some areas, and the remaining fat feels hard and shows, and my eyelid looks "wrinkled" or.. old. is that normal?

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Wrinkles after fat removal from eyelids

It is still very early after surgery to judge. you can be swallen and healing and that feels a little hard.

I hope that what you had is an upper lid blepheroplasty where fatand skin was removed, and not only fat. Very few instances need only fat removal and no skin removal.

If as you described you had only right upper lid fat removal then you will have depressions where the fat was removed. If that is the case you will need another procedure to correct the depressions.

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Removing fat grafts from eyelids

First, you are only a little over 2 weeks post-op.  Yes, firmness can occur at this point, but I would give it some time to settle down.  As well, you shold be patient with the skin too.  It may improve with time.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Too early to tell

When you gained weight the fat got bigger and it stretched the skin. You doctor removed the fat and also hopefully some skin. 16 days after surgery you still have swelling and the hard things are swellings. Wait and discuss your concerns with your doctor. Fat injection to the upper eyelid is very unusual and I wonder what was the indications for the fat grafting to upper eyelid. I been doing fat grafting for 12 years and I have only done fat grafting twice ,and it was for the patients that had too much removed during upper eyelid surgery.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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Skin firming or excision

The fat injected into the face will continue to grow very similar to the abdominal fat. Removal of some of the fat could cause some excess skin. Most of this skin could shrink down. Otherwise, you might need a skin firming procedure (e.g laser) or excision.

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If you deflate the skin, it will wrinkle


If you deflate the skin, it will wrinkle. You likely need an upper blepharoplasty in addition to removal of the fat. If you include pictures, we can give you more specific advice. Good luck.

David Shafer, MD
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