Is There Any Way to Make Injected Buttocks Feel Natural?

i got hydrogel butt injections 2 years ago. i have found out that it can not be removed. so since it has to be in me for the rest of my life, can i make it feel soft? it looks nice, but its really hard.

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Hydrogel in the buttocks

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You have developed granulomas and these are very hard, the skin on top of them gets discolored.

In most cases most of the injected hydrogel can be removed, If the granuloma is not stuck to the overlying skin.

The offending granulomas can be removed through a gleuteal crease incision. This may and will result in a major change in the shape and size of the buttocks. Once healed you can have fat transfer to correct the deformity and have the size you wish. This may mean three surgeries. Each costing more than $10000

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