Under Eye Filler ~ Safe to Inject?

I live in Dallas and have been to about a dozen surgeons, none of which thinks it's safe to inject under the eye. I have hollowness under my eye and a crease-like line that I would like corrected. I've been told that injectables under the eye can cause blindness or dark circles. Then I found two doctors recently who said it's not true. One of them said he can do it but he is charging about $300 more than most doctors. Are injectables really safe for under eyes? Also, an anyone refer a doctor in the Dallas area?

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Injection under eyes could be done, but with extreme care

Extreme caution must be used when injection is performed aroud the eye. There are many challenges that need to be addressed before attempting this procedure e.g skin thickness,avoiding blood vessels,choosing the correct amount.

I personaly prefer microfat grafting. The injection must be done deep to avoid lumps,a blunt needle is better used and the injection performed in a retrograde manner to avoid blood vessels. It is important not to over inject in this area. It is always easy to add more. Some of the deformities around the eye could only be treated with some sort of injection e.g hollowness of the upper eye. Hope that helps!

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Injectables around the eye.

First, it is off label use( as most injections are around the face). Usually they are listed for specific indications like nasolabial folds or forehead lines. Second, while it is being done there is a small risk of blindness as it is with any product around the eye and even high in the nasolabial folds. The risk is extremely low, but definitely has been reported. But, I will tell you that many doctors do it.

Steven Wallach, MD
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