Injectable Hydroxyapatite or Solid Hydroxyapatite?

I've heard that hydroxyapatite can be used for facial augmentation of the brow bone or t-zone area. I heard there are 2 kinds of this injectable paste and solid. The injectable paste form is said to be "not long lasting," but the solid form is permanent. Is this true? I want a safe, permanent and effective option. Thanks.

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Hyrdoxyapatite is a nice filler for soft tissue fill. If injected at the level of the bone, it may last longer maybe even permanently. But, there are more solid paste like forms when placed on the bone will last.  Talk to you doctor about it.


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Hydroxyapatite in particulate injectable or solid implantable forms

Injectable Hydroxyapatite is commonly available as radiesse.

Implantable solid hydroxyapatite is not as poplular an implant as silicone or medpor. It seems to be more commonly used by oral surgeons and craniofacial surgeons. It may come as prefabricated shapes for chin or cheek implants or in solid blocks. It is brittle and has almost a chalk like consistency. It is difficult to shape or contour and often requires a drill or burr. Neurosurgeons may also utilize a form of cement called methymethacrylate.

The use of these products varies by surgeon's preference or experience.

Longevity also varies with the injectable form likely demonstrating the least amount of persistence.

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