Injectable Fillers for Undereye Hollowness?

I'm thinking of using dermal fillers to correct genetic hollowness under my eyes. I've a few questions about the procedure. How long do fillers under the eyes last? How should the procedure be done under the eyes? How much should be injected? What will happen after I'm injected (will there be any swelling etc.)? Any questions which I should ask my surgeon before the procedure? Any other information or risks that I should know about? Please answer some or all of the questions. Thanks.

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Restylane under eyes

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Injectable fillers can be a good, safe option to fill undereye hollowness.  One of the safest choices is Restylane which will last approximately 6 months.  Many surgeons would advise to avoid long term fillers under the delicate eye area.  The procedure is commonly done during an office visit after the application of a topical anesthetic.  A small amount of filler is usually used depending on your individual needs and your doctor's assessment.  Initially you may encounter some bruising or swelling that may take a few days to resolve. 

Consider taking arnica montana or avoiding aspirin or NSAID's (like Advil), if your doctor agrees, to help avoid bruising.  Inquire if your surgeon has done this procedure frequently.  The undereye area requires a gentle, experienced touch.  Occasionally, the Restylane if placed superficially can give a bluish hue visible from beneath the skin.  Ask your surgeon to place the Restylane deeply to decrease the liklihood that this will occur.  Restylane can be dissolved quickly if you do not like the filler.  Good luck!

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Treating under eye hollowness

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How long they last depends on the type of filler. They can list 12 to 18 months. This area is very technique sensitive. Only small amounts should be injected into or just beneath the muscle layer. There is virtually no fat between the skin and muscle here so injections above the muscle can be unsightly with lumps. Yes-there is a risk of blindness when any material is injected around the eye. That is why I prefer grafts or manipulation of local fat rather than injections for this problem.

Aaron Stone, MD
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Fillers for hollowness under the eyes

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This works extremely well in our experience. We generally use either Restylane or Juvederm. These products both are now available with local anesthesia.

The procedure takes about 20 minutes, can be done in the office, only minimal discomfort or bruising is experienced. Overall, this is a very positive procedure.

Good luck.

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