Concern over Long Term Use of Facial Fillers

If I start using injectable fillers for laugh lines and cheek volume, will it take more product to achieve the same amount of correction as I get older? In other words, if I can get by with one syringe per area now, will I need more and more as I age or will usage remain about the same as long as I keep it up?

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Facial Fillers

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You pose an excellent question. I think that if you started much later you probably would need more.  However, fillers last a while in the face. Some up to a year or more.  So, you may only need periodic filler replacement and perhaps not as much as if you started for the first time later in life. 

Facial Fillers and Aging

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You may need more later but it is not the effect of having started early with the fillers.  It is the nature of aging and that you have lost volume over time and may need more fillers to fill that area up.

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