More Eye Wrinkles After Fillers?

When you have a filler to plump up the hollows under your eyes and cheeks, can it make eyes look as if they have more wrinkles? Please help.

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Avoidable complications from fillers for under eye puffiness

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You may notice more under eye wrinkles post filler injection if:

  • The filler may have been injected too superficially resulting in new ripples i.e. seeing outline of the filler. Certain fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm when injected too superficially can result in excess water retention in the eyelid worsening the lines and puffiness.
  • Malar edema, puffiness over the outer part of the eyelid and cheek area may be the culprit as it can be worsened by injecting through this area of puffiness. This increased puffiness can result in the appearance of more lines and swelling under the eyes. It is temporary and can be treated with cold compresses, low salt diet, massage of the area, and sleeping with your head elevated. Worsening of malar edema is avoidable by using more advanced injection techniques.

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