Can You Inject So Much Fat into the Butt Before It Starts to Come Back out of the Incision?

Also, once a BBL is done, can you have it done a second time? Will the skin stretch?

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Brazilian Butt Lift...... Can it be repeated?

Yes.  If your surgeon injects a lot of fat into your buttocks, there may be a point where it starts to come back out of your incisions.  Usually this happens when large volumes are injected.  
Yes, you can have this procedure performed more than once.  I have been performing this procedure for about 14 years and frequently see patients who have had this procedure performed elsewhere who tell me that all of their fat "went away".  There are many different techniques that surgeons use for this procedure.  Some work better than others.  As long as you have more fat that you want to have removed with Liposuction, you can have this procedure performed again. 
Once you have healed from your first procedure and the swelling is gone, there should be plenty of skin laxity to have the procedure performed a second time. 
Although most patients are very happy with the large increase in their buttocks size that they obtain from one procedure, I have also had several patients who loved their results so much that they returned and paid to have the procedure a second time to make their buttocks even larger.  .....Striving for the J.Lo Booty

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