Initially Was 110 Lbs. Post Op- Gained Almost 8 Lbs. Is This Normal? (photo)

5'2" 110 lbs, active runner. Had 300cc and 325cc inserted (right and left) on March 4 2013. Stepped on the scale 2 days Post Op and was 117.8. IMy diet has been strictly soup, carrot juice, gallon of water, ground turkey and fruits and vegetables. Haven't had a bowel movement since before BA. Is the added weight water retention? Stress? I so...will it go away eventually? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Added weight after breast augmentation

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The added weight is from the implants, the constipation, and the water weight from retained fluid. It may take several weeks to get back down to your desired weight.

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Bloating after surgery?

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Hello and thank you for your question.

Yes, the added weight is a fluid shift or 'water weight'.  This happens in all patient to a small degree, but in some lucky few to a large degree.  You seem to be in the latter category.  The weight and bloating will go away with time.  Try restriction salt/sodium in your diet.

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Weight gain after breast augmentation

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Your additional weight gain is due to swelling, constipation and your implants. Your body will naturally work on reducing swelling, but you can help by cutting back on sodium, drinking plenty of fresh water and going to the washroom regularly, as well as leisurely moving around to keep your circulation going. Over the next couple of months, if you follow a healthy diet, you'll notice your weight slowly decrease as your activity level increases.

Weight gain after surgery

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Thanks for your inquiry.  You have gained two pounds because of your implants and some breast swelling.  The rest of the weight is water rentention and some constipation.  Please call your surgeon if you are still concerned. 

Initially Was 110 Lbs. Post Op- Gained Almost 8 Lbs. Is This Normal?

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Seriously Are you so concerned that you CAN NOT allow your body to re equilibrate after surgery? It take a few weeks but if you expected after 4 days that fluid retention and non bowel events not to add weight than you need to call your surgeon to be better informed. 

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