The Initial Swelling of my Cheek Bone Area Has Not Resolved After 6 Weeks.

After my first injection of one vial of Sculptra, six weeks later, my cheek area looks the same as it did since the first day of the treatment. My dermatologist has never seen this. He says it looks like the desired end result which he says is not possible. He thinks it may still be swelling like a lymphodema. Now I am scared. Any idea what this may be?

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Sculptra and cheek augmentation

If your initial swelling went down after the fluids got dissolved and left the Sculptra particles to do their work, and you then developed over several weeks, the augmentation you have now, then you have a success with one treatment which is rare. if you developed this swelling from day one and it hasn't receded, then trial and error may show what helps. Ask your doctor if a trial of antihistamines may be safe and worthwhile. You may see in several months to a year slow reduction in the augmenation or swelling.

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Should not be a long term problem

If your appearance is just that of what your surgeon was eventually looking for with no lumps or reaction other than persistent edema, it should eventually be fine.

The difficult question will be if you should have additional Sculptra, and that you will have to wait and see. 

It will depend on how long this result lasts which may be quite long and that will be a good thing.

Dr. Mayl

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