Painful, Swollen Lymph Nodes 3 Weeks After TT- What Is This?

Exactly what is the deal with lymph nodes and tummy tuck incision? What group/groups are effected? I have such pain going into my third week, on my lower left side. The area that hurts is above my scar line from my hip kind of, up a bit and toward the belly button. ( not has high as my bb ) OUCH Do patients even complain of pain going into there third week post op? I thought I'd see the light at the end of the tight tummy by now. Thank you for taking the time to read my question.

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Tummy Tuck pain and Swelling?

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Three weeks is too early to judge. Pain at this stage is understandable. Lymph nodes are sometimes reactive not infective, which means they are inflamed and not laden with bacteria. Infection do accrue but they are rare. If the pain persists after six weeks I would see my broad certified plastic surgeon and get his or her opinion.

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Pain after Tummy Tuck

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Although there are lymph nodes in the lower inguinal areas, these are not usually a source of pain following tummy tuck surgery. With a standard high lateral tension tummy tuck, the inguinal region supports the most tension and may be the source of your discomfort. This should improve over the next several weeks. Sometimes fluid may accumulate causing seroma which may require treatment by your surgeon. The ilio inguinal nerve in this area may be irritated and cause pain. This can also be identified by your surgeon and if necessary treated with a steroid injection. Be patient and things will improve.

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Swollen lymph nodes?

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Tummy tuck does not remove lymph nodes. Most of those nodes are in your groin and most tummy tuck incision are above this point. Swelling will always settle to the lowest point due to gravity. The lymphatic system does somewhat accomodate but persistent swelling from lymphatic system is a major problem and not likely what you have from a tummy tuck. Any persistent pain should be evaluated by your plastic surgeon.

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