What Ingredients As Liquid They Use During Microdermabrasion?

Two days back i went through microdermabrasion and the result was a very clean and clear, refreshing skin which just lasted for an hour and within two hrs it was like as if didn't even took a treatment. I want to know what liquids do they use in microdermabrasion. It had three processes 1) skin polishing (By microdermabrasion machine ) 2) skin hydration by a gel (it had a very cooling effect) 3) a peel (that had a mild burning sensation)

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Microdermabrasion treatments

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There is no basic treatment protocol for microdermabrasion treatments and solutions, so no way to know what you were treated with specifically. Some machines come with their own system and solutions, some are customized by each office with their own combination of products. If you have questions about specifically what you received, you will need to ask the office where you were treated.

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