Infrared Therapy Recommended After Abdominoplasty?

Hello, I am two weeks post-operative from a full abdominoplasty with muscle wall and hernia repair. I am so far very happy with the results, but wondered if I could use my DPL Therapy Unit on my tummy to help with the fluid and swelling? I have been using it on my thighs for the past 3 days (I also had some lipo on my outer thighs) and it has really helped with the swelling there, but I was more hesitant about using it on my tummy at this stage. Should I wait a bit longer before trying it?

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As long as it doesn't make the skin hot to touch it's fine.  The skin on your tummy will be fairly numb especially below the belly button.  You are at risk of burning yourself if the device creates heat in which case don't use it.

Infrared Therapy?

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Thank you for the question.

Congratulations on your recent surgery.  I am personally not familiar with the therapy you are  asking about  and therefore cannot recommend it.  On the other hand, you your plastic surgeon may be familiar with the device- you should run it by him/her regardless.

Best wishes.

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