Phenol Peel Results - What to Expect?

I am 51. Could this peel make my pores larger? Can this line of demarcation be covered with make up? I am scheduled in May, but have not had the consultation yet. I only have two weeks down time in between classes. What does your face look like after 1 year? Is it pure white, unnatural looking? Are there any M.D.'s on here that do this peel frequently today that can give me more info on the results, good and bad? There is not much info about this peel/results. I will post photos when done.Thanks

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Phenol peels: what to expect

Phenol peels have been around for many years and have a strong history of success when utilized properly in the right patients.  Honestly, when we use the stronger peel solutions (as opposed to the lighter "freshening peels"),  we are purposely wounding the skin. We do this to treat sub-optimal skin, such as photo-damaged (sun-damaged), rough,  or wrinkled and sometimes pigmented skin for example, and encourage healing and growth of new skin. The new skin is typically healthier, smoother, stronger and more vibrant. While there is temporary discomfort for a few hours, and swelling for a few days, peeling usually occurs in about 6-8 days, and new pink skin is revealed. While not appropriate for all skin types (a patient with northern European ancestry usually fares better than a patient from Mediterranean ancestry, for example), when carefully performed and normal healing occurs, this can be an extremely gratifying way to improve the health and appearance of facial skin. 

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Phenol peel results

In my experience, phenol peels do not affect pore size either way (bigger or smaller). It does result in prolonged redness (sometimes 6 months or more) and when done correctly should not create a demarcation line. Most patients do want to wear some type of makeup cover as there is a lightening of the skin after phenol peels. Definitely bring these concerns up with your physician before undergoing any treatment.

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