Electrosurgical Device HR-5000: Better Than Accutane for Hormonal Acne?

Long story short: I have hormonal acne on my chin.I do not want to go on Accutane.After many hours of research, I found a few articles on something called the Kobayashi Method.It is similar to thermolysis.It is done using a device called the HR-5000 (FDA clearance in 1985 I believe) with an insulated needle that destroys or reduces the output of sebaceous glands, as well as permanently removing hair.This is a direct, straighforward method and it makes more sense than the latest lasers.

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Spironolactone a great option for Hormonal acne

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In patients who are not able or willing to take Accutane, spironolactone can be a great option. This is a diuretic but has anti-androgen properties. We use it, along with certain forms of birth control to help tackle lower face acne. I am not familiar with the laser you mentioned, but at this time the only thing that provides long-term, near-permanent resultion of acne is Accutane, which goes now by its generic name 'isotretinoin' or its branded generic names Amnesteen (the best, because it is manufactured by Roche), Sotret, or Clavaris.  Many lasers are on the market for acne such as the Isolaze and Smoothbeam but again few if any will provide long-term resolution of acne like Accutane can. Even spironolactone must be taken continuously in order to benefit from its effects.

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