Need Info on Tummy Tuck Post-op. Is Severe Itching Normal?

I am planning to get my tummy tuck done and doing lots of research on the same. I just came across posts in which people who have undergone TT have posted that they are experiencing severe itching inside the abdomen after TT some are having after 6 months and some after 2-3 years and so on. After reading these posts am really afraid of getting the tummy tuck done. If itching persists to such an extent after TT then I really feel that I do not want to go for it. Is this expected? Pls advice.

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Itching after tummy tuck a sign of healing?

After any surgery where large flaps are mobilized, small branches of nerves are severed.  The recovery of these branches will manifest sensations of prickling or itching that can last from 3 to 9 months, rarely at times up to 18 months or more.  This is the regeneration of nerve fibers trying to reach their former end organs in the skin flap.  Sometimes they will form abnormal endings called neuromas which may need additional surgery for repositioning or reconstruction in rare cases.  The important thing to know is that most cases with these itchy symptoms will be self-limited and temporary.

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Itching after tummy tuck means the nerves are coming back

Itching after the tummy tuck usually happens as the nerves regrow. I don't have even one patient with intolerable itching years later, so although it may exist, this is an unlikely event.

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That is very rare

i have been doing TT since my residency which was in 1987 (dating myself). i have never had a patient with serious itching that was not related to an allergy to something. thus it is very unclear why someone would develop severe itching internally months after her TT. 

i don't think you should worry about this happening to you since it is very uncommon



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