Looking For Info on Botox for Synkinesys?

Looking For Info on Botox for Synkinesys?

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These treatments are very advanced services.

Botox for synkinesys is often associated with side effects.  Depending on the part of the face involved the side effects will vary.  Look for a neurologist, facial or oculoplastic surgeon who specifically performs these services for a consultation.

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Synkinesys and Botox

Synkinesys is the involuntary movement of muscles from a nerve "miswiring" usually after the result of some kind of injury or trauma. Botox can help with this but it depends on where you are experiencing the movement, how significant, how long it's been going on, etc. Some people can have the involuntary movements in the face, like with Bell's Palsy, others in the eye area, etc. Using Botox to treat synkinesys needs to be done by very experienced injectors or neurologists, but it can definitely be effective.

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Botox for twitches

Depending on where the twitch is occurring, Botox may help minimize the symptoms, although the symptoms may recur after the botox wears off in several months.  Botox might also create unwanted muscle relaxation in the adjoining area and this could have a negative effect on function and cosmesis.  See a board certified ophthalmologist or oculoplastic surgeon if it's an eyelid twitch, or a neurologist, plastic or ENT facial plastic surgeon if it is a facial area.

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Botox for synkeneisys

Botox or any other chemodenervation agent can help the spasm associated with the problem, but one has to be careful with the potential effect on surrounding non-affected muscles, for that reason, it is best to be injected by a neurologist that deals with these problems.

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