Self Inflicted Scar Removal?

For a long time, about three years my body has been littered with scars. Since the scars were self inflicted would that make a treatmennt more expensive? The types of scars I'm not certain of the names but they vary: the white scars that only barely lift up, those pop up scars that are that reddish purplish hue, and ones the same color but that don't pop up and that are still sensitive when skin is stretched. The most scars are located on right forearm, few on both outer thighs.

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Cutting scars and self-inflicted scars

I have treated many self-inflicted scars and the fractional co2 laser seems to work with linear white scars the best.

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Removal of self-inflicted scars

It is possible to improve some of the scars you describe while others may not be as adequately treated. There are several options for treatment including laser, surgical excision, abrasion, etc. I would see a plastic surgeon in your area for options.

Scott Trimas, MD
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