Inflammation After BA? Is It Serious? (Photo)

I have underwent BA on 20.6., had a lot of bruising but it is almost gone now. What worries me now is propably much more serious. 3 days ago I woke up with temperature (37.8) and with one breast swollen and quite painful. I went to see my surgeon the next day. He prescribed me Clindamycin 300g to be taken once every 6hours. The temperature is gone but to me breast looks the same. Going to see doctor tomorrow.Shall I insist to stay in the hospital? What are the chances of my implant being removed?

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Inflammation and possible cellulitis

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It appears from your photograph that you have some inflammation around your incision.  At the very least you should be checked and possibly placed on an antibiotic.  Hopefully the infection is superficial and does not involve the implant itself.

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Inflamation and swelling after breast augemtation

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hopefully you have been treated by now:

  • infection is rare after augmentation however
  • redness swelling and fever are signs of infection
  • iv antibiotics can be done as an outpatient and should be considered if the redness persists.
  • removal is the last choice but may be needed

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