Swollen Lower Abdomen 13 Months Post-op Tummy Tuck

I had an abdominoplasty 13 months ago and still have my belly inflamed and swollen and my belly button is almost not visible. Is it normal to take this long for the area to go back to normal?

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Persistent swelling after a tummy tuck

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Persistent swelling oen year after a  tummy tuck is unusual. You may want to get it evaluated by a plastic surgeon.

Persistent swelling one year after tummy tuck

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Dear Saudi,

Long lasting swelling one year after surgery is not a normal occurence.. There may be an underlying problem such as a seroma and that should be investigated further.

I would recommend going back to your surgeon or seeking a second opinion.

Good luck


One year after tummy tuck, what should I expect?

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at this point you should be well healed and all of your swelling gone. Your scars should be mature. If you have persistent swelling it may be indicative of a seroma or fluid collection. You should consult your treating physician as a seroma this far out may require further intervention

Jeffrey Kenkel, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Swollen abdomen more than a year after tummy tuck

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This is not normal.  You may have had a seroma (fluid collection) that has persisted, or maybe the scar is just adherent. It's hard to tell from your photo. At this point, though, you should be fully healed and enjoying your results. Since that's not your situation, I would recommend that you see your surgeon (or another surgeon).

Tummy Tuck

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 After  all this time if this condition  most  likely needs to be revised,  I suggest ti make and appointment with your doctor.

Persistent lower stomach bulge after tummy tuck

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This does not appear to be normal and I would advise discussing this with your surgeon or seeking a second opinion. There are several possible reasons for this but, in my opinion,  I would consider revisionary surgery. If not, I would advise agressive scar massage.

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