Inferior Scleral Show After Lower Blepharoplasty with Fat Grafting?

my surgeon assured me that the inferior scleral show will be better in 3 - 6 months.but almost all my swelling has resolved at this juncture and i do not see how as time passes, my inferior scleral show will improve. any ideas? mine was done with a long incision under my lower lash line, and i have prominent eye globes

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Firstly, It is way to early after surgery for you to worry about asymmetry. There is significant swelling in the first two weeks after surgery, and sometimes even longer than that. Furthermore, surgical scar will evolve and soften over a period of months. I would not consider revision surgery on anyone until the 3 month post operative visit, and sometimes even longer than that. Scars can mature for up to a year after surgery. Please be patient with your body and let it heal.

In your case specifically, fat grafting in the lower lid/cheek area can only subtly improve the eyelid position. In our study we should a 0.5 mm improvement. However, the lower lid blepharoplasty will confound that issue. Retraction after lower lid blepharoplasty is not unsual and in most cases will improve with time, as I mentioned above.

Patience and routine follow up with you surgeon is most important. Sometimes injection with steroid and/or 5FU may mitigate scarring response.

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Inferior Scleral Show After Lower Blepharoplasty with Fat Grafting?

A photo would be very helpful.  However, I would tend to agree with you that if you have scleral show now, it will unlikely improve on its own if there is no significant swelling.  The best advice is to get a second opinion.

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At this point is reasonable to consider a second opinion.

The inferior sclera show is likely a complication of the transcutaneous lower blepharoplasty.  The fact that you also had a fat grafting may or may not have any bearing on the lower eyelid position.  There may very well be some softening of the eyelid appearance in 6 months.  The real question is would you benefit from any treatment now.  

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