Full Hysterectomy with Amnioplasty performed 16 days ago. Could this be an infection? (photo)

Full hysterectomy with amnioplasty performed 16 days ago. A hole now developing at TJunction stitch site. Had stitches removed from hip to hip scar but PM left these stitches in tact and belly button stitches??? I asked if this is an infection but PM said NO. Told to cover with gauze, that's it. Wouldn't like it to get any worse, what are your thoughts?

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Hole at the T-junction of the abdominoplasty closure

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It appears that you may have had some wound separation (dehiscence) at the t-junction of your abdominoplasty closure. However, a higher resolution photo would be more helpful in providing you with a more accurate assessment. Wound separations do heal in time with local wound care, but it does take a bit longer than wounds that do not separate during the healing process. Thank you for sharing your photo and concerns. Best wishes.

Drainage from the incision after abdominoplasty is not necessarily infection.

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The photograph demonstrates some skin and subcutaneous fat loss of the abdominal flap. Drainage is a byproduct of this wound phenomena and is usually not accompanied by infection.

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