I had eye lid surgery 3 weeks ago and it's still swollen. Is This an Infection? (photo)

I had eye lid surgery 3 weeks ago and it's still swollen. My right eye has a raised swelling with a light colouring on the tip. Is this am infection or its a normal healing process?

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Infection or suture abscess

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I have seen such lesions which are usually due to a suture abscess and less likely due to an infection because of well vascularized eyelid skin and the fact you probably had used topical antibiotics ointment early on after your eyelid surgery. In late stages, I have seen formation of epidermal inclusion cysts due to buried skin edges. Please ask your doctor to take a look and to see if you need any topical antibiotics if not already using. Warm compresses on this area may also be helpful to expedite the healing.

Houston Oculoplastic Surgeon

Yes, this looks infected

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I would seek the care of your surgeon immediately.  It looks like an infection that may need drainage and definitely needs antibiotics.

Shim Ching, MD
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon
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