Infection Underneath Uplift Scar and Breasts Sagging Again After Uplift? (2 Weeks Post) (photo)

Hi, I had an uplift with 350cc round high profile implants two weeks ago (below muscle), underneath both is a triangle (where the T-section meets) that is quite red/yellow. It oozes a small amount of yellow/green fluid daily. I had my surgery abroad so cannot go back to my surgeon for his advice, the fluid does not smell although the area is fairly sore. I was concerned about infection when I returned to the UK so started taking Penicillin. Also, I think that they still look quite droopy??

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Infection after breast surgery

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It looks like you have a separation in your incision where the scars come together under your breasts...this is fairly common and will usually heal by itself.  However, if you are having drainage, it may be a sign of some necrosis of the breast tissue or an infection.  You do have some redness around the scars which may also be a sign of an infection or just inflammation...only an examination can determine should see a surgeon to be evaluated.

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