Infection Very Scared. Will It Heal with Antibotics?

While the doctor was draining a pocket of liquid with a needle I believe he may have broke a capillary or muscle or something because that night I went home that area started to hurt. It became red and hot and eventually busted out my lipo whole and started draining yellow liquid. Doctor said its nothing to worry about and put me on antibotics. It's the 3rd day ANd I'm still draining that fluid out of the seroma or whatever it is, No more pain but it's still there. How long foes infection last should I be worried

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Postoperative drainage

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I assume you had agluteal procedure as well. If the drainage is connected to the buttock i mplant pocket there may be cause for concern. If it is just a liposuction cannula site, it should heal with out issue. The best thing to do is ask your doctor. He did the operation and you are his patient. Give him a call and express your concerns. Most doctors are very truthful with their patients, so if he has no concerns, its probably ok. But you would sleep better if you asked him your questions

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Infection Very Scared. Will It Heal with Antibiotics?

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This is very difficult to determine without an exam. I would continue to followup with your surgeon and express your concerns.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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You need to be clear as to what is going on with your surgery.Write down your questions and see your doctor and ask the questions. Do you have infection?? do you have a seroma??? was the fluid sent for cultures?? What is the treatment?? How long to expect to be on that treatment??  Your doctor spent a whole lot of time to sell the procedure and get your money. He need to spend the same amount of time after the surgery, that is part of the medical care, that is what differentiates doctors

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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