Infection and Oozing from Incision Post-Tummy Tuck

I am 2 weeks post tummy tuck and about 7 days ago developed an infection. Fever, chills, extreme pain on the side infected (so much so that I couldn't even get up or walk). My Dr perscribed antibiotics and they've helped eliminate all symptoms and I take my last pill tomorrow (7 days). However, my incision opened a little where the infection is and I have been seeping yellow mucousy fluid, and that still has not stopped. My questions are: 1) can I stop antibiotics even with incision still open a

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Stopping antibiotics umbilical drainage

There are several possible causes for your persistent drainage and only one is ongoing infection. Another could be a seroma. If you meet with your surgeon, tney are best equipped to determine the cause as well as the treatment

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Oozing after a tummy tuck

Is you have persistent oozing afte a tummy tuck, then I suggest you follow closely with your doctor. It may represent fat necrosis, or infection to name a few.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Questions after a tummy tuck

Your entire question did not come through.  From what I could read, you will need to address all this with your treating doctor as no other doctor will tell you what you can or can't do with respect to antibiotics etc.  Legally, we just can't go there...

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Recommend seeing your Doctor with a possible tummy tuck infection

Based on your general information, you may have a continuing infection, just a small wound separation that should heal well, fat necrosis, or something else going on.  I would recommend seeing your plastic surgeon as soon as possible, where you may need just a dressing change, to more antibiotics, to a local exploration of the wound. 

It's best to make sure that you're healing correctly with someone examining you in person.

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