Infection in Nose Bone? (photo)

my nose was broken and after 2 weeks it became infected. after 2 sets of antibiotics and plastic surgeon cutting it open and everywhere he injected me became also very inflamed. i am very worried can you please advise me on what to do? dr told me to put betadine and gauze on the wound and keep it covered.

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Was the nose fixed right after?

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Infections of the face are very unusual except in the setting of foreign material like an implant or gauze or something to that effect.  Was this repaired right after the accident?  It's possible that a small piece of mucosal lining of the nose was folded in during injury or repair and it's creating a mucosal cyst.  Or it could just be infected in which case you should be worked up for Diabetes or other chronic diseases.


Stay on top of this and go see an ENT or Facial Plastic Surgeon  ASAP


Best of luck


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