Have I Got Infection from Sculptra? My Cheeks Are a Mess of Bad Acne Flare Up.

i started my sculptra fillers in september say and last vile was due dec, the first 2 were done with the usual lady i see but the last vile was done with someone different which i was not happy about but went a head anyway. to cut a long story short, i started to roaccuttane for spots on chin arrear only about 3 weeks later, 2 weeks in chin chrystal clear but cheeks on the other hand are a mess, this started to happen before taking roacc but has just got worse, is this from the sculptra infected

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Sculptra Related Infection

The acne you're experiencing is likely unrelated to Sculptra. Sculptra is injected in an area of the skin that is relatively unrelated to pimple formation. If your Sculptra injection had caused an infection, you'd likely have a swollen puffy cheek, that was warm and tender to the touch. You are most likely experiencing an unexpected outbreak for whatever reason. It could be that while you massage your face after treatment, your'e exposing your skin to the bacteria and oils on your fingers. Try making sure you keep your face and hands clean and see if that helps. Best of luck! 

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