Infection of Fat Injected to Buttocks- Can I Aspirate Without Surgery?

I did a lipoaspiration and had that fat injected to buttocks a year ago; unfortunately the fat is hard and I always feel fire burning inside that area: after doctors advised me to do an ultrasound we found out that the injected fat is infected both the hard and soft ones. is it possible to aspirate it without doing a surgery and what can this infection cause please

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Brazilian butt lift infection

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Infection after a Brazilian butt lift is very rare. If this happens, its management will depend on the type of infection. If it is only a skin infection, then, antibiotics will be sufficient to control the extent of infection. If you develop an infection that turns into an abscess, then drainage of the abscess will be necessary as well as antibiotics.
Regardless, any infection after a Brazilian butt lift needs to be managed aggressively, because if the fat gets infected, it will certainly compromise the final results.

Brazilian Butt Lift

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Antibiotic therapy may treat the infection adequately and you may want to explore this first with your BCPS. Thank you for your question and good luck.

Infected transfered fat

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Sonogram will not show infection. If during the sonogram an aspiration of  fluid was done and was cultured, then you can diagnose infection. If not done it should be done. If there is infection and abscess formation then the treatment requires drainage of the abscess and IV antibiotics. Cultures will identify the bacteria and the proper antibiotics


Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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