How do I tell if I have an infection around my implant?

I am 50 years old and got gel implants October 2, 2013.  I had a capsular contracture and had to have right implant replaced on January 28, 2014.  The muscles around the implant get sore real easy.  Is this normal?  Could I have an infection

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Infected Breast?

Thank you for your question!  If you are having any concerns about your breast implants, I would advise you to go see a board certified plastic surgeon and have an evaluation.  Best of luck!
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Pain around breast implant 4 months after surgery is unlikely to be an infection

Thank you for your question.  An infected breast implant is a very serious significant event.  Typically the breast is red, swollen, hot, and very tender.  There are other causes that are less serious could be causing her discomfort.  Next

However as others have stated you need to see your Dr. for an examination soon to diagnose what is going on with you.  Next para certainly if you have a temperature or redness of the skin it is a surgical emergency and do not wait to contact your plastic surgeon.

Concern re implant

Thank you for your breast augmentation question.

  • After two operations, it seems likely that your muscles are just traumatized by having two operations in a fairly short time,
  • An infection 3 months after surgery is unlikely.
  • But it is always best to see your plastic surgeon to be examined and to discuss your concerns.
  • I suggest you see your plastic surgeon to discuss 
Hope this helps. Best wishes.

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It is unlikely that you have and infection.  You should visit your plastic surgeon the make sure that you are not having recurrence of your capsular contracture.  

Earl Stephenson, Jr, MD,DDS, FACS

How do I tell if I have an infection around my implant?

It doesn't sound like you have an infection from the description of your discomfort.  The signs of infection are redness, swelling, fever or maybe even some discharge so keep an eye out for those symptoms.  You could always go see your surgeon for a follow up visit and exam to rule out infection and put your mind at ease.  ac

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You're unlikely to have infection unless you have associated tenderness, redness, fever, and a feeling of being ill. You may be developing, however, a tightening of the capsule around the prosthesis.  I recommend you see your plastic surgeon to determine what your problem is.

John M. Griffin, MD (retired)
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Breast Implant Infection

With the presentation you are having it is unlikely that this represents an infection. Infection would manifest with redness, swelling, fevers, and chills. It is best to visit your surgeon and have them weigh in to determine the reason for your pain. Good luck 

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Implants and infection?

An infection will often present with redness, pain , swelling, possibly fever, maybe drainage, and blood work may show an elevated white blood cell count. If concerned, it is best to see your surgeon.

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Breast Augmentation Soreness

Typically an acute clinically significant infection that may require implant removal is quite clear. There is redness and focal tenderness, there may even be drainage from the wound. 

It it is difficult to give a clear answer without a detailed returning to your surgeon is key....but many patient do continue to have some aches and pains post operatively that may be musculoskeletal in nature and not an infection. It is always best to consult immediately with your surgeon. Good Luck

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Breast implant infection?

It's highly unlikely that you have an infection months after your surgery and it now show up with the typical signs of infection (redness, fever, pus, constant pain, etc). 

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