How Do I Tell if I Have an Infection After Smartlipo?

I had Smartlipo Friday morning, last about 4 hours. They did upper and lower abd's, waist/flank. They took about 3700cc's. I have a very high pain tolerance, but this is ALOT more than just sore. It's Sunday night now and my skin feels very hot and red. I do not have a fever but can't tell if it's an infection or from these compression garments. I went to get up just now and it felt like my side was on fire all of a sudden. Literally like, there was somthing HOT was placed on my skin.

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Feeling unwell after SmartLipo

You are describing inflammation.  This could be due to an infection or due to an injury to the skin (burn) from the laser of the smartlipo.  Either way you should talk to your board certified plastic surgeon or seek a second opinion.  Alternatively seek medical attention to ensure that nothing dangerous is going on, or nothing that could get out of hand if left untreated.


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